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Check out our tires for sale in Nucla and Naturita, CO

With proper care, a set of tires can last anywhere up to six years on average. If your vehicle's tires are reaching the end of their service life, schedule an appointment at Kenny's Tires.

Our shop offers tires for sale in the Nucla and Naturita, CO area. We recommend a tire replacement for your vehicle if...

  • Your tires are worn down to the treads
  • Your tires are worn down in one particular area
  • You've used your tires for five to ten years
  • Your tires are causing a bumpy or inconsistent ride
When you need to buy new tires, we can help with finding exact matches for your car, truck or SUV. To find out more about our tire replacement services, call 970-864-2287.

Choose from our reliable tire options

When you've got a flat or a damaged tire, you'll want to replace it as quickly as possible with a reliable new one. We offer a variety of fairly priced tires for sale from trusted brands like Hercules, Toyo, Yokohama, Michelin and Continental.

To buy new tires from our shop, call 970-864-2287 now.